Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thursday Threads:

Oh how they have done it again! J.Crew's Spring 2012 collection has taken my breath away...and could also easily walk away with my entire bank account if they tried! I confess that I did spend my birthday money on two of these items and the pave link bracelet that I've been coveting. I'm actually wearing it today. So here are some of my favorites from their Spring 2012 collection.
 This stunning sequin skirt also comes in a gorgeous pink...but there is something organically beautiful about the green. It is pricey at $695.00...but it's smashing!
 This striped bracelet is such fun for stacking. I think the colors scream for spring garden parties! It's only $42.00 so easily can be integrated into your collection of baubles.
 This is yet another beautiful bracelet to stack this spring. You may be seeing a trend with me in the choice of colors. This beauty is $60.00 and can be dressed up or down quite easily.
 This lovely is on my wrist right now! When you look it up on the website, this "Daiquiri Ice" color is one of the other options as the one that they showcase is a pretty "Citron" color. For you J.Crew aficionadas out there like me, you may recognize the frog clasp from Spring 2007. Anyhow it's rebirth 5 years later is very refreshing with the light links. Having the original in my collection and owning this today (and wearing it) I can tell you the new version is lighter in weight and will be more comfortable to wear all day long. It too can be yours for $68.00
 The frog clasp necklace is the bracelet's partner in crime. Normally I wouldn't wear the matching set of it...BUT I am stacking my bracelet with the pave today. As I said, this necklace is MUCH lighter than the 2007 version. It's honestly something I know I will treasure forever. Knowing how amazing J.Crew's quality is, I can say that the $128.00 investment in this necklace is worth it if you are looking for a statement necklace to have in perpetuity.
This shot is what first attracted me to the bracelet. I saw it on Pinterest and fell in LOVE with this look. As you can see the blue and greens combined with the right doses of gold are spectacular!

Anything catch your eye so far this spring?


  1. I love and desire everything about that last photo. LOVE.

    1. I especially love her figure! :)

  2. I didn't even look at the price of that J.Crew skirt... yikes! Happier not knowing, hahaha.

    1. I know right?BUT it's gorgeous! :)

  3. I did love the catalog too! But I feel like winter just started.
    Love all green