Monday, October 24, 2011

Tall Glass of Lemonade

The names have been changed in order to protect the SURPRISE element of this painting.

So...a childhood friend of mine recently sent me an email telling me about her twin sister's new home. Her sister and brother-in law just celebrated their wedding anniversary and she thought a nice way to commemorate the date was by having an original piece of art made for them. I'm a huge fan of lemonade, so I thought that this tall, sweet and lovable drink would be just the right way for this couple to settle into their pad.

Here's what I've got... first off is the sketch. I thought I would put a label on the lemon with the letter for their first names.

Then I moved onto the color sketch. I am torn, and my friend is going to have to pick. I am a personal fan of both...however... Isn't the pink one nice?

Anyhow---we'll see what my friend says and then I will get to work! Which would you pick?


  1. I like them both a lot - super cute. Maybe go with the colors of their house?