Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Halloween Weekend!

Halloween weekend is here! If you are like me you LOVE Halloween! I just think dressing up is so much fun (and I don't mean in those slutty costumes you can buy at Party City). Since Halloween is on Monday, that means that most people with a social life will have at least one party to go to, or may be throwing a party of their own.

This year is babykins first Halloween, so we are keeping it low key---but I am dressing up as a Pan Am stewardess. I have the vintage name tag and bag which I bought at the HistoryMiami gift shop. I also have a black dress, orange tights and a great head band with a big bling spider on it that my M.I.L. bought for me as a gift. :)

Anyhow--- I hope you have a Happy and SAFE Halloween weekend! If you are throwing a party...above is a cool idea straight from the party Queen herself...Mrs. Stewart.



  1. 1. Martha is a total queen.
    2. That pumpkin drinky idea is adorbs.
    3. I can't wait to see babykins all dressed up!

  2. love Halloween and can't wait for tomorrow night!