Friday, September 24, 2010

Go Ponies Beat TCU!

When I was a freshman at SMU we wore black pants and oxford shirts with pearls to football games...Playboy ranked us #3 among party schools in the country...about 60% of all students were in the Greek system...and we played pathetic (but super fun) football at the Cotton Bowl.

Today, the students look like they've walked off the pages of Vogue...the parties are still huge, the Greek system still dominates, but our football is strong and we play on campus at Ford Stadium, which means there is great tailgating before the games on "The Boulevard"... I LOVED my 4 years at SMU...but am envious of students today (mostly because of the football situation).

Anyhow, there is this amazing website called, Hilltop Glossy which chronicles the fashionable students at SMU today.
So, as SMU plays for the Iron Skillet against TCU tonight in Ford Stadium tonight, I invite you to take a look and cheer on my PONIES!!!!


...noe if you want to see another great should visit The Florida Room... our slide show of pro shots is up!

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