Monday, August 2, 2010

Q is for Quinn Part Trois

This weekend not only did I see Quinn...but I finished her monogram! I felt inspired to do so after a really stressful week. Pictured here are the step by step of how the process went. I apologize I cannot get step 2 to go in the right direction...but you get the picture.
I am going to ask D to take this over to Austin (Q's mom) as soon as we get moved (don't ask when or where...its a sore subject).

Now I did not take a picture of the final piece, I hope to get one of Austin holding that later this month (hopefully sooner than later...) and you can see it then. you can see I kept to the colors she wanted, a deep purple with a lighter green monogram. I like the final result.
Hope you had a nice weekend. me a favor and send me good joo joo for house hunting! May we find something this or next week at the latest!!


  1. What a great gift! LOVE the colors.

  2. Good luck with the house hunt!

  3. Thanks ladies!...they are great gifts. I love these monograms.

    and thanks for the house hunting joojoo! We need it...