Friday, August 20, 2010

Keep Looking Up

For as long as I can remember Jack Horkheimer was encouraging me to "Keep looking up" at the night sky.

The Director of the Miami Science Museum Planetarium, Jack also was popular for his show on PBS called "The Star Gazer" (originally called "The Star Hustler").

Jack was great...he mysteriously went from bald to a full head of black hair, and went through a huge Members Only Jacket phase... his voice was distinguishable and made you smile.

Sadly, I never got to meet Jack, but D did several times. It was actually he who broke the news to me tonight after having spent some time today with a friend of ours who works at the Miami Science Museum. Actually one of the first things D and I bonded over was Jack, and his theme song...when D told me he could play it on the piano, well my heart melted a little.

I know somewhere up there tonight Jack is looking down, asking us to look up while Debussy plays his theme song in the background.

Thanks for all those special nights Jack.

Here is the article from the Miami Herald.


  1. So sorry to read this. Not familiar with his program, but wish I had been, sounds like something my kids and I would have enjoyed. Take care.

  2. Looking up is So important, and something I forget to do. Thanks for the reminder

  3. You can look him up on youtube...its such a great program. :) xo