Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sing, Sing a Song

I love music. I know that may sound cliche...but I really love music. I can sing a long to most songs on the radio, love going to concerts, and have an incredibly eclectic collection of music on my ipod.
I was inspired by tonight's Glee...because I was singing more than usual...I love Madonna. What girl who grew up in the 80's doesn't? I've seen her twice in concert now and it was quite a show both times!
I do have a favorite band...and it is not a band from "my generation"...my favorite band is the Beatles ( as I have mentioned in past posts). I just adore the fab four and most of their solo work too (maybe not Ringo's...sorry Ringo). My favorite band from "my generation" is definitely the Dave Matthews Band. I'll never forget the first time I saw them...freshman year at SMU in the fall. It was a cool night, we sat on the lawn and sang and danced the entire time!
There are other musicians who I love love love...but I would say that these are among my favorites. I should add, U2, Pink Floyd, Sarah M...and so many more I can't even think....and I've been to some pretty amazing concerts in my day...
- Dave Matthews
- Plant and Page
- Tom Petty
- Coldplay
- Paul McCartney
- Indigo Girls
- Simon and Garfunkel
- Neil Diamond
- Mana
- Toto
- Survivor
- Air Supply
- Juan Luis Guerra
- The Turtles
- Roger Waters
- NKOTB (I know..I know)
- Britney Spears (I know...I know)
- Rolling Stones
- U2
- Rush
- Billy Joel
- John Mayer
- Sade
- Rusted Root
- MC Hammer
- Sarah Mc...
...and I know I am missing a ton...
Anyhow-- I started some sketches tonight and will post them soon I promise. I was just inspired by something else tonight.

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  1. Hey Missy..I left a little award for you on my blog today! xo