Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How I've Been Dressing to Hide the Bump...

As promised, here are the new sketches. I have to say that my look from last Tuesday is probably my favorite. I got the jacket from my friend Heather in a clothes swap and paired it with oldie but goodies like my Target gray dress, some fun pearls, a sash and fun fun shoes.
Casual Friday: let me point out that that I used a new pen and didn't realize the watercolor would run...so I did use colored pencil with the next ones. I like the feel and texture that colored pencils give.
Sunday definitely was the first time that I noticed the bump...and that D noticed it too. There is no hiding this thing now...you should see it today. Feeling Mego-Prego! Too cute though...I will say!! :)
I really like what I wore on Monday too---because again I paired one of my Target dresses with a flower sash from J.Crew I'd been coveting and got for my birthday from friends Katie and Brette (who's daughter I painted the ADR for earlier this year).
More to come...its a busy week and I have to look cute everyday.


  1. Lovely! It will be fun watching your pregnancy progress through your sketches :)

  2. LOL on the baby and lunch bump. You always make me smile. I *heart* the black dress and flower sash you wore -- too darn cute!

  3. Yeah...lunch + baby = bigger bump! ...at least when Five Guys is the lunch.

    Anyhow---super fun! Looking forward to sharing too!

  4. Congrats! This is too cute! <3

  5. You are going to be the cutest pregnant person EVER! I'll never give up my spa habit LOL