Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Getting Back to Sketching

It has been busy. I'm not going to lie...with the Junior League wrapping up and the Junior Orange Bowl year just gearing up.
My JLM co-chair is having her baby in about 2 weeks, so the last month is going to be totally in my hands. She and I have been prepping for it...and I will say that I am thrilled for her, but selfishly will miss her at our remaining JLM wife.
The JOBC year also just got started and I'm chairing the auction and why I do these things to myself is beyond myself...fortunately this year I have an amazing co-chair and a stellar committee...with the event in October we need to get cracking now.
So it's been busy. ...but I did sketch again and hope to keep up with it more often now that I've gotten the ball rolling.