Friday, March 26, 2010


Oh so happy it's Friday. Aren't you?
Although I do have to do some work tomorrow, I still don't have to wake up as early as usual.

As you can see I did not wear my usual Friday jeans today. I felt like being really comfortable since I had to stay late at the museum for an event.

So...I went with this super long Liberty of London Maxi Dress from Target. I love this print. I know I normally don't show the actual pictures of what I wear...but I LOVE this print. I love it so much, I bought little Olivia the matching top and my friend K's little girl the matching bag.
The dress itself happens to be one of the most comfy things I have recently bought. The only thing missing is pockets...guess you can't win them all.



  1. Love that outfit! Can you design my wardrobe please? xoxo

  2. Anytime Beth! Remember send me a picture and I will draw you up! :)