Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Educational Empire of Historia

In the fall of 2008, my dear friend M worked at the Miami Art Museum. The education team across the plaza at MAM is smaller than ours is, and during an afternoon of comic conversation, they decided to form an Empire.
Well, M brought the idea to me that we form an Empire as well, and that we have "cultural exchanges".
Our education department quickly rolled with this comic challenge and came up with not only an empire, but titles for ourselves, a coat of arms and a flag!
The Educational Empire of Historia.

To the right you can see our flag, a little reminiscent of the Florida flag, and the ever present Obama logo, which as you can imagine was everywhere you looked in November 2008.

M has since left MAM, but our empires still talk, and our coat of arms is still up on our chalkboard wall in the Educational Empire of Historia.

...by the way my title, Empress of Historia.

I love museum folk and our culture!!


  1. I love that your initials never changed! Mine didn't much either. xx



    Ok get yourself a pair and I'll do a free photo shoot with you! seriously! a FUN shoot!