Monday, January 18, 2010

Organized Closet(s) = Happy Home

Baby steps right?
My 4 resolutions are well under way...

1. Stay healthy be healthy--- doing that (pretty much) on a daily basis.

2. Save money--- baby steps

3. Get on the golf course or driving range once a week (harder than I thought)

4. Get and stay organized! (Starting...)

So I spent my Saturday afternoon and all of Sunday organizing my closet(s).

I have a confession to our old home we shared ONE this house we have 5 closets...I use 4 of them. I also use 75% of the drawers, and have 4 storage bins under the bed. The worst part is that as much as I love my clothes and take care of it, I tend to be lazy and disorganized about them.

So with this new year, I decided to once and for all get organized. I have! ...well at least with 3 of 4 of the closets. My clothes are hung in color order, shoes are tucked away and I did some purging.

It looks and feels great in our bedroom. So proud of me!! to do some sketching.


  1. Ceci,

    I love your closet. Nice outfits and designer shoes.

    Congratulations on the organization of it.

    Cheers, Elvira.

  2. Time to have another clothes swap!!

  3. That is great! I am having trouble organizing myself as well, but baby steps is the way to go! I am slowly getting there. Just like you, I take up the 3 closet spaces here in my apartment and real closet is a walk in! I have alot of stuff and really need to start letting go. It is definitely different living with a guy (my boyfriend) and not your sister. It is definitely a whole new experience for me.

    When is the next swap? I have already started a little pile.

    - Melissa B

  4. It is most definately time for another swap! One day, I'll have a room that is a closet, it will have an island of drawers, and a day. :)

  5. yeah for organizing!!! thank too for dropping by my blog.

    happy 2010!


  6. Getting organised is fun, it's staying organised that is the killer. I usually have to go through everything every saturday for anything to stay remotely organised