Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Gables Home Tour Kind of Weekend

This was quite a weekend in the Gables if you wanted to see homes. It started on Saturday morning with the Coral Gables Community Foundation Kitchen Tour. For $25 a ticket we had from 10:00 am-3:00pm to visit 6 homes and sample food from area restaurants. The funny thing was the third home on the stop was that of our ex-neighbors on Catille Ave.
However my favorite part of the tour wasn't even a was the mega-mahusive closet in the town house at the Old Spanish Village. You'll be able to recognize it in the pictures...because it looks a lot like heaven!

Today I spent the afternoon at a museum event on one of the most iconic homes in Coral Gables, if not the entire county-- Java Head, 200 Edgewater Drive. Gorgeous home which can be yours for $13.9 million dollars. I had a good time roaming the grounds and home with museum friends and on my own. I did my best to take a number of pictures, but they do not do the home justice at all. By the way--the first picture here is of my father-in-law and I in the winning look for Miami Chic!


  1. Ceci,

    Such beautiful pictures. Wonderful and cozy homes.

    Cheers, Elvira.

  2. Hi Ceci!!! Love that dining room with the bookshelves! I am getting some jewels soon from the Atlanta show and you will DIE..will keep you posted. xo

  3. What beautiful houses

  4. That sounds like it was such a good time! I love the pic of you and Papa Don -- it's fab.