Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Miami Chic...

Sunday I am going to an event for the museum. The invitation called for, "Miami Chic"...I know what this means at 8pm, but what does this mean at 4pm?

Since I just organized the closets...I'm going to have fun shopping in my closet to figure this out. Especially since Saturday I am going on the Coral Gables kitchen tour...and feel the need to look cute then too.

So here are some ideas...
I could carry a really cool purse like this Kate Spade bag I've always been a fan of.
I could put on a fantastic and fun pair of shoes like these Kate Space puzzle shoes...that I have also been a fan of for years (every now and then I scour the Internet for them with no luck. If you ever find these in a 10...lemme know!!)
Play with color. I know it's cold in most places, but not in Miami, so I could throw on a fun skirt with skimmers if I wanted to. These here happen to be "vintage" J.Crew

I could even wear a strapless number like this one from J.Crew (which I have in the degrade version), just add a cardi and belt it for more of a Miami Winter look. Pair up with fun jewels, snazzy skimmers and an easy purse...right?

We'll see. I'll try to take and share the mean time...what do you think Miami Chic (afternoon edition) could be.


  1. LOVE the Kate Spade shoes and J Crew skirts-will have to pick up fun new skirt! xoxo


  2. Ceci,

    Anything from J Crew. A pretty floral dress, or an off white dress with cute flats or heels.

    I would wear something classy, as if you were going to an afternoon English tea party.

    Cheers, Elvira.

  3. love the shoes, love the skirts love the bad....LOVE EVERYTHING

  4. I still love those J Crew skirts . . . I think I will always love them. I love the outfit that you ended up wearing, too!