Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hot town summer in the city...

...and Lovin' Spoonfull starts to play, "Hot town summer in the city..." By George it's officially summer in Miami. It's like someone turn "on" the rain switch last week and it hasn't stopped.
You know how else we know it's summer? My FAVE old man crush is taking over our TVs, Max Mayfield. what does a girl do on a rainy summer afternoon? Well, take CSD Art and Illustration and make it an official company naturally!
Today I met with the creative talent behind, Compendium Business Solutions, Terra Smith. According to Terra, we'll be "official" by next week. How quickly we grow up! quickly in deed!
OK--move along now--nothing else to see here (until tomorrow). Hasta manana, put on your rainboots and pack your umby...Max says it's going to be stormy this afternoon...and I trust everything that man says!
ps- thanks to all the new followers!! ;)

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  1. Congratulations, Cec! That is so exciting. And, even though I have no idea who Max Mayfield is, I love the picture and the post.