Wednesday, May 27, 2009


So when I originally drew this I was in college. It wasn't until last summer that it came to life on canvas. Of the 25 paintings I did for my show last year, this was one of the crowd favorites. Today PB&J = BFF's lives in LA with one of my BFFs.
As I go through my day anthropromorphizing everything these characters come to life.
Originally paired with this painting was Key Lime Pie, Breakfast (both still available) and soon Pumpkin Pie.
Anyhow--point is I need to start thinking long and hard about my Books & Books show (September 4 - 30, 2009 in Coral Gables). So--why don't you take a look on my website, and tell me which series you like the most...or tell me what to NEVER know!

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  1. Well, I think that you know which ones are my favs but I'll tell you anyway.
    The Seagrape Tree(s)
    The Pear Tree!!
    Actually, I like all of your landscapes a whole lot. And I've always been partial to Maggie with the blue background. Yup, I just like all of your art.