Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Art Talk Tuesday: Azucar!

 We've all heard that art imitates life and that music and art  influence each other. Tonight at my museum we are putting that all on display, through an exhibition called "American Sabor" brought to us by the Smithsonian, EMP, The Ford Motor Company Fund and the University of Washington. "American Sabor" looks at how Latin music has influenced the United States since about WWII, focusing on a number of cities as the epicenters of creation and influence. One of those cities featured is Miami.

Among the story-filled text panels, there is one panel that depicts the colorful and powerful artwork on albums. Once upon a time, Latin artists were commissioned by Latin musicians to create original artwork for their album covers. These vibrant covers lead me to think about one of the most colorful musician in the history of Latin music, Celia Cruz. 

Celia is not only one of the artists featured, but being that we are in Miami, we also were able to borrow one of her technicolor dresses, a platinum album of hers and one of her sky high shoes. As you read and learn about these musicians, you can also listen to their rich creations and even dare to step on a dance floor and let the rhythm move you. I hope you will come out and enjoy "American Sabor" if you are in Miami. It will be on display through the end of October.


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