Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thursday Threads: Fun in the Sun

Today was the last day of school for public school students in Miami-Dade County.That means that summer is here!!! To celebrate that here are some fun things to bring into your life for the summer months.
Summer would not be summer at our house without one of these hats from Stitching Around. Stitching Around is a great little monogram shop in Miami that I live for. Run by my friend Colleen, she has everything you need for summer time activities...towels, totes, swim suits and yes, SPF protected hats. I just bought two new ones for Mini and she loves them. At $22 you can't beat them!
 This seaplane is made by an innovative American company called Green Toys. They make their toys of recylced materials and are extremely durable and affordable to boot! How much fun would your kiddo have at the beach, pool, back yard or tub with this fun toy? It's about $20 online at the Green Toys website. 

This year for my birthday I finally caved in and got the LL Bean Hunters Tote and had them monogram it in orange (as seen above). The zip top version is perfect for the summer. It's waterproof, it zips up top so nothing will fall out...and it's only $39 for the XL +$10 for colored monogramming. 
When you are running around in the summer, you don't want to worry about having to take your watch off before jumping in the pool. Swatch has been making colorful splashes as long as I can remember. personally I had a great collection of swatches that I would kill for today. Here is one my favorites from the company today, it's $60 and lots of fun! 

So happy summer! I hope you are safe and don't forget to apply sunblock every 60 minutes when you are outdoors! 

Happy Shopping!


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