Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Art Talk Tuesday: Rose Miller Art

My day job allows me to wear various hats...one of them is that of merchandiser (sort of). Our museum store is part of my department, so the shop manager often sends me pictures of this and that, which may or may not end up in our store. Last week she mentioned some hand painted rings coming into the store for sale. Today I went down there to finally see them and I fell in love. Rose Miller, is a local artist in Miami and she does amazing things! I am so happy to have found her, as I am now a great fan. The picture above is a ring she painted with the Biscayne Bay Pink Islands of Christo. I'm so in love with this ring, it is going to be very hard NOT to walk out of work with it on my finger.
 Above are some other rings of Rose's that we have for sale at HistoryMiami. Most of them range from $25-$45. A bargain for a beautiful original work of art that you can wear!


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