Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday Threads: Old Navy Strikes Again

They've done it again! Old Navy has me coveting these great pieces from their latest collection. It all started when I innocently was reading my Lucky Magazine (with Cristina Hendricks on the cover). I got to a spread on jeans and saw these... aren't they cute? And since it's Old Navy, they are very affordable. I'm currently on a lose the rest ++of my baby weight for Singleton in the Kitchen's I vow not to give into these cute jeans until I can fit into a smaller size. Then while scoping out the jeans, I found this dress. It comes in black and a pretty teal color too. I love how forgiving it looks...and in theory I COULD bring it with me to Napa when I go to Singleton in the Kitchen's wedding! Can't you just picture me wearing this with maybe a pompom scarf from India Imports on, sipping on some vino?! I do!

...and finally this one. I LOVE maxi dresses, and this one is so cute. 1. It has sleeves, so it hides my lunch lady arms 2. It can transition into the fall perfectly...again...another great something to pack for Napa!

Anyhow---Old Navy! I'll see you this weekend...and hopefully all of Miami will not have already arrived and taken what is rightfully mine away from me.


  1. I loooooooove that second dress!

  2. That bottom dress SCREAMS Ceci! I mean, you know because I know you. And we hang out all the time. I'm just sayin' I know you're style, obvs. So jealous of napa!

  3. Napa is kinda like Austin -- anything goes. And we all know you're super cute and stylish no matter what you're wearing! You have more style in your elbow than I have in my whole person!

  4. Hope you find all the pieces you want this wknd.
    Have a wonderful weekend! xo