Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thursday Threads: Ecclectic Mix Edition

Today's edition of Thursday threads I am showing you my ensemble from today and yesterday. As you can see we're in the thick of summer in Miami so you have to dress cool for outside and warm for inside (thanks to blasting A/C). One thing my drawing from today is not showing you is how frizzy my hair is from the 98% (literally, there is a tropic wave over us) humidity! Anyhow I paired up some oldies but goodies... one of my favorite go to cardigans from J.Crew (riiirrrr) with a black dress I found in the Jr's Dept at Nordstroms a few years ago--- a GREAT statement necklace that screams SUMMER and my fun flats which I coveted for so long and finally found in my size!

Yesterday I wore a fun mix of things in my closet. What is most interesting is my tunic. It's a beautiful green tunic with a darker green embroidery, made in India. I found this gem at a great little store in the Miami Merchandise Mart. The owners have become friends of mine, a lovely couple with two young children. They are so sweet, and they have such treasures! Some store owners at the Mart like to keep their treasures a I am not divulging the location of my Indian paradise, but I will say is "inside" the Mart, not in the "outer" rim.
So--- if you like and you come to Miami, or live in Miami, I will gladly take you myself and introduce you to V and A (the owners).

I will add, that I LOVE the Mart. It is my go to place for gifts...why? Because you find great treasures you will not find anywhere else. The store owners are so nice and once you visit their stores a couple of times, they start to know you and your taste. It is one of my happy places, and I try to go about every other month. They are open to the public on the LAST Saturday of the month.

I would also like to wish my neice Oli a Happy 5th birthday! It's also my friend T's birthday...and my friend Ife! YAY for birthdays!

Hope you are having a great week!

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  1. I totally wear my specs all week long! And that tunic looks like it's just gorgeous!