Monday, January 10, 2011

Beaux Arts Festival Wrap Up

This weekend was the Beaux Arts Festival at the University of Miami. This festival is such a nice way to start the arts festival season in Miami. Sunday, my mom, baby girl and I made our way over to UM and walked around, running into friends and taking in some great art. Here are some pictures from our stroll.
Isn't she the cutest??

These are bracelets made from license plates. I couldn't resist and bought two---a bicentennial Delaware plate and a Michigan plate. I would have gotten Texas and Florida, but they were not as visually attractive as the two I got. The artist were SO nice! They make all sorts of treasures at great prices, take a look at their website,

Ari st Amy Lansburg, made her way here from Michigan. She makes beautiful pieces with drift wood from Lake Superior and really uses her wit and imagination. A delightful and stylish woman ( she was wearing a pair of license plate bracelets...that's where I first noticed them)... my mom fell in love with these church fans. Here's her website for more information

A fellow leaguer, Holli Kingsbury along with Macy de la Guardia make these gorgeous pillows and throws. This octopus was my favorite yesterday at the show. Holli's creations give your couch, bed, chair, office...whatever, a certain je ne sais quoi! To look at all the Thred creations visit,

This outlaw of a squirrel caught my eye right away...and he sold while I was talking to the artist...who unfortunately did not have cards on him.

I couldn't get to this artist to talk t o him...but fell in love with this piece called, "Hell on Wheels".
All in all it was great! Kudos to all the women on the Beaux Arts Committee for their hard work putting together another wonderful festival!
If you are in Miami in January, make sure to go to the Beaux Arts Festival.


  1. Look at that little bow...SUCH a sweet face!

  2. Your daughter is adorable and I LOVE those bracelets, jelly over here

  3. Looks like fun and I cannot believe how fast the little doll is growing! xo

  4. I can't believe how big she's camera misses her too!! counting the days until the 6 month mark!!