Monday, January 24, 2011

Award Season...

A great big PINK hug to Canadian Prep for bestowing this award on me! I am suppose to tell you 7 things about me...and then pass it along to other stylish bloggers...
1. I got a detention in the 3rd grade for drawing in math class...I should've known it would lead me to this day.
2. When buying jewelry I always imagine me wearing it with the same outfit, jeans and a white tank top. I blame Meg Ryan's character in French Kiss for this...because she wore that diamond necklace so beautifully in a white tank top.
3. I go back to work on Monday 7th. I'm not terribly excited about this because I will miss my baby so much...BUT I am looking forward to having adult conversations with people again! I also head back to the world of Junior League, Cultural Educators and the Gamma Phi Beta Alumnae time "off" is coming to an end. Now the real juggling begins...
4. I haven't painted anything since before we moved in August!
5. One of my very BFF's Jessica (from Singleton in the Kitchen) is getting married in September in Napa and I am in the wedding. I have not been a bridesmaid in probably 6 years!! I can't wait!!
6. This is my birthday week...and I hope Mr. Dubonics gets me the one thing I REALLY want...I have a short list, but there is something I really hope he'll get me.
7. It's the year of the "1" and if you take the age you are going to be this year and ADD that number to the last 2 digits of the year you were born the sum will be "11" or "111"... 33+78 = 111 ...try it!
OK--- Here are fab bloggers I pass this award on to...
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  1. First and for most here's wishin' you the best birthday ever filled with love, laughter and heaps of cake baby...piled high with icin'!!! (the one and only reason this Ozark Farm Chick eats cake)

    CONGRATULATIONS on your great award!

    I couldn't help myself from snoopin' below...oh, baby girl is just a precious little bundle of love!!! Priceless!!!

    God bless ya'll and have a most glorious day!!! :o)

  2. Happy birthday! I hope you get what you want. Thanks for passing the award to me