Thursday, October 14, 2010

Room by Room

Here is a new look into the house...
Our house is coming together. I know I had already shared pictures of the living room...but there have been some changes. Pillows on couch have been reupholstered. They match the reupholstered chairs, piano bench and newly sized ottoman.
My aunt gave us a lovely gift, the painting over the couch was from her collection. You either love it or you hate it, we really love it.

Finally the first glimpse into the nursery. Our glider came in, we found the perfect bookshelf/sidetable...the red dresser/ changer is in place, and the rug is on the floor...crib is coming this weekend, so I'll show other corners of the nursery soon.
I can't wait to show the whole's almost done!!


  1. Cecilia, it is really turning out great!! Would love to see a larger image of the art!

    I have a Luxurious New Giveaway on my site....Come and enter!!

    Art by Karena

  2. It looks lovely! I love the bits of coral and the color coordination of the bookshelves! I love seeing the different items people put on their bookshelves.

  3. Very cute! Now all the nursery needs is Baby C!

  4. So adorable. I'm sure the finished product is going to be amazing!

  5. wow!! looking beautiful! can't believe all you are getting done and almost ready to have little C!!