Monday, October 18, 2010

For the Love of Lilly Exhibit

Today the ladies from the museum's curatorial and some from education department took a field trip to Boyton Beach to visit the Museum of Lifestyle and Fashion History. They just opened an exhibit called, For the Love of Lilly. An historic look into the iconic line of clothes, and those who helped along the way.
Here is a look into some of the treasures that came into the museum on loan from all over, including my friend Sheffield who owns, Back in Style, a savvy online vintage clothes store.

Here is a great quote from Mrs. Pulitzer herself...

And finally here I am...I had to take a seat. Baby C was kickin' up a storm and mama needed to take a break.
If you are in Florida and in the area of Boyton, go take a look. They also have a fun exhibit on Barbie over the years. Lilly will be up through the spring at the Museum of Lifestyle and Fashion History.


  1. Love your necklace!!! ha ha I am dying to go check out this exhibit..thanks for the reminder!!!!

  2. What a lovely exhibit, so wish I lived closer

  3. KP- Thanks! I had the double pearl bracelet on too. ;) You should go for the Preppy Handbook book signing!!

    BD- It's super cute, small...but full of great color and pop!

  4. Oh my goodness, so retro! I love it!

  5. Lily and Florida really do go hand in hand!

  6. I was just in Boynton over the weekend! Cool exhibit - hope you're feeling well. xx

  7. What a cool exhibit! I would love to visit it!