Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sometimes Life Gets in the Way...Music Monday + Art Talk Tuesday

What can I say? I'm busy...but I need to always remind myself this is my outlet for ME. I need to give myself some me time...don't you all agree (for yourselves, of course). Life with a 5.5 month old and a 3.11 yr old is fast paced and when you add a layer of work and friends and volunteer commitments...it gets harder to find time for myself.

However, the only time I really get to be by myself is in the car. After the kids have been dropped off and on my way to pick them up I am afforded about 30-40 minutes to myself...so I listen to music.

Here's what I've been digging recently...

Rather Be by Clean Bandit 
Shake it Off by Taylor Swift 
On the subject of art, the video to Shake it Off is really funny. I'm glad to see what even though MTV no longer plays videos, the art of video music video making has not been lost. One of my favorite videos of all time is "Land of Confusion" by Genesis... remember it? With the puppets... watch it here. I also am a fan of the Bedtime Story video by Madonna. The BEST music video ever...is not a video, it's a movie, The Beatles Hard Days Night! It's genius, moving from comedic performances to thoughtful and witty music performances.

What are some of your favorites?



  1. November.Rain. and obviously, the clear winner: Sabotage a la Beastie Boys

    1. November Rain is epic for sure! Sabotage and Intergalactic are both great BB videos! Good calls!!