Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Art Talk Tuesday: Jerry Brem

This weekend was the annual Beaux Arts Festival on the campus of the University of Miami. As a committee member I get to "work" the festival and meet a good number of artists. This Saturday while enjoying 66 degree weather (brrrrr), I had the opportunity to deliver snacks to Jerry Brem, a friendly and talented artist. Turns out Jerry like Me is a parent to young children, and was such a delight to talk to. His canvases struck me and I hope you will like what you see too. 

Working in mixed media, Jerry's canvases have motion to them and really feel lived. He smudges and drips his everyday objects into beautiful works of art. Based in South Carolina, by way of Texas, Jerry travels the festival circuit so be sure to look on his website for a list of festivals you can see his work at.