Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thursday Threads: Dog Days of Summer

It is HOT! Normally August and September are the worst months in Miami, but this year here we are in July and it is BAD! To beat the summer days, the best thing to do is fine a great dress and wear it like a uniform. Recently I discovered a few dresses and jewels for the perfect summer ensemble.

This dress is one of the reasons that I am back in love with the Gap.  Currently it is on sale for $30!! It comes in the two prints shown and also in white. It's perfect and ...yes AND it has pockets!!!

Then there are these beauties to layer with these dresses for a touch of sparkle! They are from J.Crew and can also be worn on their own without each other. The bottom one is $55 and the top one is $58. Aren't they pretty??

Any new great finds you've had this summer? 

Happy Shopping! 



  1. Love. Loving the gap lately. Mostly because I can park directly in front of it (lazy, mama.) AND I think they size to make me feel better :) and I bought a "nursing friendly" dress there. wahzah. will now check this dress out!

    1. Yes, they do vanity size...and I LOVE IT! :)