Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday Threads

It's Thursday and that means its time for Thursday Threads.

This (as promised) is my ensemble from yesterday. As you can see I wore my glasses (which I am wearing today too)...during the work week, it is so easy to throw them on, and since I don't have babykins reaching for them, I can wear them. ...but I digress...what I want you to pay attention to is my top.

I got this little gem at Forever 21 and it was a whole $13! A lovely silky ikat inspired print in degrade shades of purples, pinks and whites. I did look for it online and failed to find you will have to hunt at your local store.

I paired the top up with a "vintage" reversible pink to orange skirt from the Gap (Summer 2006). A white short sleeve open cardigan from Old Navy (Spring 2011) and a pair of gold rope flippers from Old navy (Summer 2011).

Have you found any great finds so far this summer? (BTW, although summer officially began on Tuesday, its been summer this whole month for me)


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